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"Act in such a way that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence

of authentic human life on Earth."


In our laboratory not only ideas arise to generate great shows, but also ideas to reduce the social gap that exists today in our country and truly preserve our environment.

A team of professionals constantly monitors what we must do.


What we cannot reduce through recycling and composting, we compensate with social inclusion and reforestation programs, in this way we not only follow our carbon footprint, but also take direct action in each step we take.



The foundations, associated with our work, are today the motor of our path, associated with our foundation, they complement our ambitious project, Caring for and Preserving not only the environment, but also educating future generations.



A % of the value of your tickets goes directly to social inclusion and reforestation programs.

Helping, caring, preserving and educating is easy and it is everyone's task




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